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Septic Pumping

Open for Septic Pumping 


$550 for 1000 gallon tank in our service area

CCB # 214203, DEQ # 39093, Bonded and Insured
Oregon City, OR

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Septic Pumping

Remove septic Waste from your septic tank.  Give us a call to determine if your tank needs pumping. We also locate septic tanks and install risers.  

Symptoms:  Septic tanks need to be pumped on a regular schedule.  The frequency will depend on the size of the tank and number of people in the household.  

Septic systems diagnose issues and install

Diagnose issues with septic symptoms. There are many reasons why a septic system could be not working properly. The incoming baffle could be blocked, the outgoing baffle could be blocked, the lines to the Dbox could be blocked or the lines in the drain field could be blocked. A lot of these issues can be resolved with hydro jetting.

Symptoms: Blocked toilet, sewage backs up into tub/shower/floor drain at lowest point in house. Issue may be intermittent.

Septic drain field repair and cleaning

Remove roots from leach lines

Symptoms: Roots and dirt in drain field are preventing septic tank from draining properly.   Before you call to have your septic drain field replaced, call us to see if we can repair your existing system. 

Distribution Box (D-Box) for drain field

D-Box is part of septic system, it distributes the liquid sewage to the drain field. Hydro jetting is recommended from the D-Box for blocked lines in the drain field before replacing a drain field.

Symptoms: After pulling lid to septic tank, if sewage overflows or is at top of tank above outgoing baffle, it is likely that there is a blockage in the outgoing baffle or an issue with the drain field. 

Camera and Locate

Can view the inside of pipes with a camera for lines from 1 1/2" to 6" wide. The camera is self leveling and we can put the video on a USB stick

Symptoms:  Need to inspect drainage pipes to determine where blockage or break in line is located.  We recommend that you before selling or buying a house that you have main lines and rain drains cleaned and video inspected. 

Main Lines

Most main line blockages can be cleared from a cleanout. This picture is an example of a typical cleanout. When needed repair and replacement of main lines can be done.

Symptoms: Blocked toilets, sewage backs into tub/shower/floor drain at lowest point in house.

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Septic Systems

Septic Pumping, diagnose and fix Septic issues. 

DEQ #39093

Hydro Jetting

Jet lines from 2" to 6" 


Locate Septic Tanks

3" lines up to 6" lines, self leveling camera drain lines



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